Wireless CCTV Ltd (WCCTV) is a market leading provider of redeployable CCTV, site security systems, remote condition monitoring and body worn cameras.

WCCTV’s systems transmit live and recorded images over wireless networks including 4G and 3G mobile networks, as well as satellite, Wi-Fi and broadband. The systems are ideal for temporary, mobile, semi-permanent applications or remote applications..

WCCTV prides itself on providing unrivalled customer support, and focuses on continual technical product development to meet its customers changing needs and requirements.

WCCTV’s customer-focused wireless surveillance systems are utilised by leading local authorities, police forces, housing associations, train operating companies, utilities providers and contractors as well as commercial organisations and integrators.

The Company provides covert, overt and bespoke systems on a sale or rental basis, and can provide standalone systems or a fully tailored and managed service package to meet your requirements.


t:  0800 470 4630

e: sales@wcctv.com

WCCTV Work Force Protection Case Study

Many major contractors have utilised WCCTV’s cameras in line with the Workforce Protection System including Bam, Costain, Volker Fitzpatrick, Osborne and Kier Group.



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